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"Erica is amazing. She gives generously of her time, her knowledge, and herself. Erica made buying my first home a pleasant undertaking, despite the inherently stress involved. She has a remarkably calm and steady attitude, which helped quell my anxiousness, fear, and hesitation. Perhaps on of Erica's most valuable assets is her ability to listen to, and even more, to intuitively know and understand the needs of her client. She has a wise and instinctive sense of character; as she simply knew the properties I would be interested in, saving me time and emotional energy in the house hunting process. She was diligent with the details and persistent yet warm with seller's agent. As a result, she was successful at negotiating certain aspects of the deal in my favor, which otherwise I would have overlooked. When I asked around I learned that Erica has gained respect in the real estate community as a compassionate and fair person, which is essential in this competitive market. As an income property owner and homeowner, Erica offers an extensive knowledge of the market, and a deep understanding of the needs and expectations of both buyers and sellers. She has a sincere compassion for the practical and emotional issues involved. "