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Sven and Sabine

"We found our perfect apartment in the City mainly because Erica was patient enough to accept our requirements and never gave up looking for us, even though it took 8 months to find it. She never tried to push us into buying something, and we really liked her natural way of pursuing one of the most important steps in our life. As a result, we have become good friends with her.

We had made our first very discouraging experiences with other agents either being our own agent or the sellers' agents that seemed to only answer certain questions and often tried to convince us that a certain condo was perfect even though we didn't like it at all. Most of them never took the time to get to know us in order to understand what we are about and what we were looking for. When we met Erica, things started changing for the better. Even though, we were clearly not the easiest clients with our well-defined ideas of where and what a potential place should be, she actually took the time to meet the people behind the clients. After rejected bids and frustration, she kept her very positive attitude so that, at the end, she was right: It all worked out. We would recommend her any time to any of our friends. Thanks Erica!"